Berry nice to meet you!

Welcome to Berry Tree Acres– home to extraordinary elderberries. Our farm is situated in the Willamette Valley in Aumsville, Oregon. Our story began in 2020 when we purchased the farm. We are learning the art of growing Elderberries through on site experience and great mentoring from established industry professionals. We were instantly in love with the Elderberry world, and are so grateful to have been welcomed with open arms by our wonderful Elderberry community. Special thanks to Katie at Carmel Berry for her continued help and great support.

Did you know that 95% of the elderberries we see and consume are from Europe? We saw this as an opportunity and wanted to be a part of lowering the overall carbon footprint they can have being transported from so far away. Our farm produces high quality elderberries that you can source locally.

Our elderberries are sustainably grown following organic principals. We grow black elderberries; also known as Sambucus canadensis, a variety native to the USA. Black elderberries are known to contain high amounts of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. It is commonly used to treat cold and flu symptoms, and promote overall good health. Elderberry is a versatile superfruit. 

We look forward to having you be a part of our family, and to share the many benefits our elderberries have to offer you!

Meet the farmer owners as they share their experiences and vision.

Greg is a born and raised Oregonian. At a young age, Greg was introduced to Elderberries when he and his dad would gather wild elderberries for making jams and syrups. Greg went to school for Forest Technology, had a 35 year career in manufacturing; and is currently enjoying this elderberry adventure.

Glenda was raised in Oregon. She grew up harvesting everything that you could find in the valley– strawberries, beans, cherries, etc. Later she worked as a professional in manufacturing for many years. Growing elderberries on Berry Tree Acres brings her full circle in her expereinces. She is back out in the field, and loving it!